And now for a little bit about my favorite mud, 3Scapes. I can be found there many hours a day, playing Magenta, a Warder.

3Scapes is a big mud, that has been around for quite some years.
There are three major realms, Fantasy, Chaos and Science, each with many areas, big and small, for new players and high level characters.
There are a large number of guilds to choose from, and you can have multiple 'alts' -different characters- as soon as you get your previous characters high enough in level to qualify.

Warders are based on the Robert Jordan series 'The Wheel of Time'. It's a very fun guild, with a good theme, lots of fun to play, and it's a quite strong guild as well. You won't have the biggest 'best kill' on the mud but we can go on forever against quite decent mobs without guild runs or regen breaks. A great guild for continuous play, and BS damage.

You can find 3Scapes at 3k.org port 3000. The 3Scapes web page has lots more info on how to connect, other guilds, and more.


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