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These are all pages where you can click, and the sponsors/advertisers will make a small donation to a charity. Most of them you can visit once daily, some more often. It does add up over time!

I click these sites regulary myself, so broken links and other changes are updated often. Also please check out and click on the CharityBanner among the banners below!

Groups that support multiple charities

Dragoncave dragons -steal eggs, watch them hatch & grow,
breed your own. Nice game for anyone who likes dragons.
Click the hatchlings & eggs to help them grow and to get
your own!
Adopt one today! Adopt one today!



Food and water

Education, humanitarian relief, etc.

Other Projects

Sometimes a company has a click to donate or another project, these are usually for a certain time and/or up to a certain limit. If you hear about any I do not have on the site, or if you visit the site and find the goal has been reached and they are no longer taking donations, please let me know. There are also free email and search sites that donate to charity!

Use your computer to process information

The following are project where you use your computer to help process some information. You download the client and a small packet of data, process it either while your computer is idle or run the program in the background, then send the results back to the server and retrieve a new data packet. Especially if you often leave your computer running while you are not working on it, or if you have lots of extra processing power, these programs are a great way to do something useful. Since these do constantly take some power you will probably have to chose one or two, but I list all of the ones I know.


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