About Web Pages No One Can Read

Hey all you Netscape/MSIE users out there, having fun reading this? Thought so.

The web has become a place where more and more pages are "best viewed with thisandthis browser, version whatever, on that kind of computer using this, this and that plug-in."
Excuse me? You have any fucking idea how many browsers I would need to have on my computer to 'best view' every page out there? Well, I don't either. I just know I don't have them all, and I don't want to have them all. I just want to be able to use a web browser and be able to see the web pages with it. Think I can? Blah, try some netsurfing with lynx and see how many of your links still work.

What do I want with making this page a pain in the butt to read for many users? I want to make a point. To make a point that for many users, this is kind of what they have to do to access _many_ of your pages on the web. Fun, isn't it?

Every friggin' HTML book or 'how-to' file on the web mentions it is good practice to make your web pages accessible to everyone, using various browsers. But do we do so? No.... Of course not. Many people rather have a great-looking page for those who have the same set-up they do, than just a good-looking page everyone can access.

Well, I suppose most of the people who make their pages inaccessible to others are also the ones who can't/won't figure out how to read this one, so screw it...


(just kidding)

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