Is there life out there? Filk version by Myranya

To: Is there life out there? by Reba McEntire


We have lived here, lived here forever
We thought we were all alone,
Now we're not so sure.
We though we would be unique
But now we're just wondering,
What we're living for,
Now I'm feeling that there's something more.

Is there life out there,
Somewhere we haven't gone
Is there life beyond
Our planet and our sun
Have we done what we could,
Should we do what we dare
I really want to leave
Not just wonder
Is there life out there.

We have never, lived for tomorrow,
We've never learned how
to look past today
Oh, we're killing our planet for money,
Not saving for later,
Or to get away.
Oh, something for the future for a change


There's planets and suns that we've never seen
Where life must be and strangers are friends
Would we stay here for ever as we have done until now
Oh, I look at the skies and I wonder again

Chorus (2x)

Myranya, nov. 2000

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