And now for a little bit about my favorite mud, 3Kingdoms. I haven't been there much for some time but I used to play there many hours a day, usually playing Magenta, a Warder, or Snape, a Necromancer.

3Kingdoms is a big mud. Even at low time there's often about 50 people on, of a total of about 1300 active players. No fear to be walking around all by yourself ::grin::
There are three major realms, Fantasy, Chaos and Science, each with many areas, big and small, for new players and high level characters.
There are a large number of guilds to choose from, but I have not been in many of them, only in Necro's, Knights, Juggers, Monks and the now closed guilds Witches & Warders.

Warders are based on the Robert Jordan series 'The Wheel of Time'. It's a very fun guild, lots of fun to play, and a quite strong guild at higher levels. At lower levels it is harder to play, but it is well worth the effort. You won't have the biggest 'best kill' on the mud but we can go on forever against midsized mob without guild runs or regen breaks. A great guild for continuous play.

Necromancers are a very nice guild where you can chose one of various sub guilds, Reaper, Lich, Vampire, Pure Necromancer or Weres. They have a lot of different powers to play with.

Knights are a big, friendly guild where people are likely to help eachother out. Honor is important to those in the guild. They have their own website with much more info than I can put here.

Monks are able to go around with little or no armour. The only pieces they can wear at all are amulets, rings, cloaks and others. No hour-long search for armour before you can do any xp'ing. They can wield weapons but can kill very well with their bare hands.

Juggers are great tanks. Juggers don't do as much damage, but they last. And at higher levels with the right weapons, they can kill a lot, too. A good guild for those who want to explore and go places where other guilds do not last past the first room. :)

Witches were also a fun guild with lots of good friends, but the play style is almost entirely opposite from Warders. Witches spend a lot of time brewing potions, and can then tank quite strong mobs using their potions in a short time. It is perfect when you are on from work a lot, do a lot of multi-tasking, or if you are a 'flapper' (doing a lot of sitting around and talking :)).

The witches & warders guilds are now closed.

You can find 3Kingdoms at 3k.org port 5000. The 3k web page has lots more info on how to connect, other guilds, and more.

Last of all, I got a lot of sounds I use in ZMud while mudding. These can be used both for fun and as alerts so you don't miss important events when the screen's scrolling in combat. They're on a seperate Mud sound page. There are a lot in there that make good Windows system sounds as well.


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