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Paid to receive offers by email:, a well-established program. 6 referral levels, $5 payout. Highly recommended! This program has paid me! Feb 3: paid me again, $5.00 for a total of $85!

DonkeyMails, 100,000 members! This program has been going for a long time and seems to be sustainable. has paid me regularly!

PayPal, if you don't have a PayPal account yet, get one here! Many paid to read programs pay through this service.

Affiliate programs!

GDI, Global Domains International. Sell domains & make a good profit! Join GDI through the following Teambuilder program; this will help you greatly in making money to pay for your membership, building a downline, setting up splash pages and getting quality traffic to your GDI website.
If you want to check out the direct link to GDI:
ATTENTION CURRENT GDI MEMBERS! You too can benefit from joining the GDI teambuilder program. You do not have to be one of my GDI downline members to sign up through this link. This program has paid me! Sept 16: third payment, $49.00 for a total of $147.00!


If you want to make money, you need hits. Cool, great, makes sense. But before you join the first click exchange program out there, consider this.

1) Watch the ratio of the programs you join. Some have 1:1, some 2:1, which means you have to click twice as much to get the same number of views! My favorites either have a good ratio, or a lot of extra's (bonus credits to be won, so the total comes out pretty good too :)).

2) It's easy to run several click exchanges at once. That means that when *your* site is being shown, someone might see it only for the brief moment it takes to toggle to the window and click 'next'. Make sure it catches their eye and they will pause to check it out. Make sure it looks different from the other 500,000 advertisements that are out there. That doesn't mean it has to flash and blink so much you get a headache looking at it for even one second, just try to write a good headline, use a cool pic, or simply write your own site. Standard referral sites are thirteen a dozen, most people who're clicking for hits have seen yours and sites like it a hundred times. In the last ten minutes, that is.

3) Join several programs. The more different programs you have, the more different people will see your site. If you get 5,000 hits with 1 program, quite a few people are going to see your site multiple times. If you get 500 hits in 10 different programs, you will get more unique visitors. You can also put some referral pages of these programs in the others, and get a decent referral base before changing the url to your own (or do both with the programs that allow more than one url).

Now some of my favorite programs:

Whirlwind traffic, 10 sec timer, frequent bonus credits.
StartXchange, been around since 2001! Lots of users, 10 sec timer, join a team for more benefits.
Traffic Bunnies, 10 sec timer, frequent bonus credits, several other incentives to top surfers.
Traffic Fairy, 10 sec timer, 100 free credits, surf bonusses, games, free Silver membership trial.
Surf 100 sites, 5 sec timer, frequent bonus credits, games.
Fast Easy traffic, 10 sec timer, frequent bonus credits, lots of contests.
Deep Sea hits, 20 sec timer, frequent bonus credits.
Hit Safari, 20 sec timer, frequent bonus credits.
Traffic-Splash, 5 sec timer, frequent bonus credits, lots of contests.
Click Pirate, 15 sec timer, 200 free credits to join/200 more if you surf 100 pages in the first two hours. Frequent bonus credits.
Traffic Roundup, 10 sec timer, round up the cows for bonus credits.
HitWar, 15 sec timer, 50 signup credits, frequent bonus credits and games. Hunt letters for CASH.
Traffic Planets, 10 sec timer, easy to use.


FreeViral, get your adds listed on many similar pages. Anyone signing up under you will visit your site.

Nederlandse programma's (Dutch programs)

Euroclix, get paid to receive offers by email -NEDERLANDS.

DutchLeader, traffic exchange.

ZinnGeld, betaald worden voor het lezen van mailtjes en voor je mening over allerlei zaken.

If you sign up for any of these, thanks for using me as a referral :)


I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!   

Last updated: 07-25-2007

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